Helping women to make more eco-conscious fashion choices that enhance their individuality and make them stand out from the crowd

Clothing has played an important role in our lives since the prehistoric times. It has been used not only to protect us from the elements but to also signify the people’s status in the society. Nowadays, we use clothes as a form of self-expression and to communicate our perspectives towards the dominant culture.

Most importantly, if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, chances are that you use your personal image to attract the right type of customers. Therefore, a carefully selected wardrobe – which projects your authenticity – can speak volumes before you even say a word.

“Inspired by the ‘slow fashion’ brands that create eco-friendly and ethically/sustainably made clothing, I realised that through my work I can help more women to build a conscious wardrobe which can also be powerful and distinctive.
I am passionate about helping my clients to boost their confidence and take their businesses to the next level without sacrificing their values. I offer them the advice, support and expertise they need to create an eco-conscious but fabulous and memorable clothing collection.”

Buy less, buy better and impress!

What to expect from me:

  • A helping hand to take you through the process of discovering what type of clothing feel good for you and project your authenticity to your audience/clientele.
  • A friendly but professional approach when addressing your specific clothing requirements (eg. workwear, casual, sportswear, accessories, special occasion etc).
  • To source for you a selection of garments that align with your values (eg. ethically made, fair trade, organic, recycled, second-hand designer clothes, vegan etc.) and have the ‘wow’ factor too.
  • Shopping trips to the buzzing ethical fashion markets in and around London.
  • Access to my ethical fashion directory.
  • Discounts for existing clients.
  • Be in the know of the latest ethical fashion events via my social media.

My fees and services:

  • Are you a business owner/entrepreneur who would you like to create a fresh, creative and memorable look for a distinctive first impression? I can help you discover what type of clothing feel good for you and will successfully convey your message to your audience/clientele.
    Investment: £400.
  • Are you a busy professional who wishes to create a streamlined wardrobe to include ‘go to’ stunning outfits that will impress, will be ethically made and will be a great start to a conversation?
    I can source a curated collection of quality clothing and accessories for you from ethical fashion brands. This service includes shopping for you and delivering five outfits that can be mixed and matched. Also, included a 2-hour appointment where you try on the clothes and decide which ones will find their way in your wardrobe. An ideal service for busy women.
    Investment: £400.
  • Terms and Conditions are sent to you before you commit to a booking.

Email me your requirements: