Get my expert advice on how to de-clutter and re-discover the clothes in your wardrobe. Clear your mind by tidying your closet

Book a Wardrobe Detox service and streamline your clothing selection.

According to WRAP, (Waste and Resources Action Programme) we each own the equivalent of 100 items of clothing. It’s enough to make you rush home and clear out your wardrobes. Why do we need all these clothes?

Whether you are hoping to minimise your clothes to the absolute minimum or just trying to pare down some of the excess in your wardrobe, you will find the Wardrobe Detox process completely liberating!

How it works

Together we will be more discerning about what you include and exclude from your wardrobe. Keep the items that flatter you, can be mixed and matched with other pieces and can create simple yet functional / more sophisticated outfits. You then get to fill your wardrobe with your favourite pieces and only keep the items that express the real YOU.

The Wardrobe Detox service is also ideal for the women who wish to transition their wardrobe from fast fashion towards a more sustainable made and refined clothing collection. Through this process, I can help you to coordinate your existing clothes with newfound organic and ethically made pieces.

Wardrobe Detox Service overview:

Duration:2 hours
Price:£50 (for a 2 hour consultation)
Additional hour:£45
Other charges:Travel

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As an Ethical Fashion Stylist, it is very important to get to know who my clients really are. Be sure that I never try to change anyone. I aim to help you become the best you. Maybe a more elevated you, but at the core of the styling, it’s always your style under the limelight..


Thanks so much for all your time yesterday. You gave me some really valuable tips and have made me think a lot more about what styles look good on me. I also really appreciated being able to make use of…


Elena has an infectious enthusiasm for fashion and style. Her insightful and professional advice has given me greater confidence in selecting clothes the correct colour and style to flatter my body shape and skin tone. Thank you!

Catherine W.

Shopping for clothes was always the last thing on my “to do” list. Elena put me at ease and I spent lots of money on new clothes & footwear. My new outfits flatter my body shape and make me feel…


You did a great job last night. Thank you for the tips, I had lots of colour on today and felt so much better for it!


Elena has such a warm, gentle yet professional and confident approach. I learned much about how I can start to enhance my own look, from accessorising to narrowing down to those colours that flatter me and lift me more.


Elena helped me work out which skin tone I have and which colours I should go for. She also helped me look at my existing wardrobe in a different way and had some great tips to avoid picking the same…


My style workshop with Elena went smoothly with full explanation and detailed information on how to give a first impression look. Also, I was able to achieve my main concerns about styling myself and other people (colour aspect and body…


You’ve inspired me! Wore a scarf and my bracelet today to up my accessory points and had a new hair do! Had some nice comments! Thank you!


Elena was very helpful from the start. She put me at ease and I really enjoyed the session. I learned a lot at the time. Elena suggested a few outfits I could wear from my wardrobe that I hadn’t thought…

Sally S.

Hi Elena, I hope you are well? It was lovely to see you the other week and to hear about your style business. Although you only gave us a small snapshot into styling I have to say it has really…