WALK IN WARDROBE™ Surrey A Pop-Up Preloved Clothes Shop With A Difference

Join Elena and her team for a pop-up pre-loved clothes shop with a difference: In the WALK IN WARDROBE™ events, you shop without money! You walk into a room full of clothes with everything already yours. You just have to try on first and if it fits you it’s yours!

Brand names or price tags the garments had before don’t really matter at the WALK IN WARDROBE™ events as we focus our attention on the style and fit of the garments.

Our mission is to prevent textile pollution, so we really want the pieces to be worn rather than just hang in yet another wardrobe without being used. We want to find a new home for all those beautiful clothes that were no longer right for their previous owners. Let’s use up what we’ve got collectively, rather than buy new all the time. Our only request: TRY ON FIRST! And if it fits you, it’s yours!

The WALK IN WARDROBE™ was founded by Personal Stylist Daisy Schubert in London in March 2015. This unique clothes shop/swap gives preloved garments a second chance and helps to raise awareness for slow fashion in a very practical and fun way. Elena Daniilidou loved the concept and decided to collaborate with Daisy in bringing these events to the Surrey area.
We have also been on BBC Radio 4,  Brooklands Radio and featured in The Wharf newspaper.

Upcoming WALK IN WARDROBE™ events:
24th of February 2018, you can buy your tickets here: WALK IN WARDROBE™ Surrey
16th of June 2018, you can buy your tickets here: WALK IN WARDROBE™ Surrey

You can follow us on FaceBook and learn when the next event is coming up.

Have a look at the official event’s video on YouTube by Daisy Schubert (the video was produced by Zhuliyana Boyanova, Ludovica Tronci and Karolina Kramplova): Video

Watch the latest event’s video in Surrey by Elena Daniilidou: